Surabaya ( – There is of interest to visitors in the exhibition “Eastfood Surabaya Indonesia & Eastpack 2019” held at the Grand City Surabaya. Well INDIBRO coffee booth and Harmony.

Although new in the world of coffee, coffee processing company PT Admiral Paragon Jaya which has launched two brands of coffee that is INDIBRO and HARMONI directly demonstrate the existence following the international exhibition “Eastfood Indonesia & Eastpack Surabaya in 2019”.

As presented Irfan Chief Marketing Officer that, Admiral Paragon Jaya PT participation in the International event “Eastfood Indonesia & Eastpack Surabaya in 2019 to further expand the coffee market INDIBRO and Harmony in East Java.

“Where is the coffee brand that we represent have a different market. As coffee INDIBRO more premium for people in the cafe or coffee shop, hotel, and the product in the form of roast bean, because usually they own the machine tool process roast bean, “said Irfan when met dibooth coffee INDIBRO and Harmony in the exhibition” Eastfood Indonesia & Eastpack 2019 Surabaya “Surabaya on Thursday (20.06.19).

“Meanwhile, the material is almost the same HARMONY coffee but the shape of powder, to be more simple to present it so that more segementednya home or personal use,” he continued.

For the price, according to Irfan, quite affordable at the price of Rp 150 thousand to 200 thousand per kilogram.

Irfan also said that the emergence of the idea of a coffee company started from a friendship that has the same passion as a coffee connoisseur and want to have a high curiosity about the genealogy of coffee in Indonesia so popped a creative idea to set up and have a coffee company itself.

“Although, fierce business competition coffee processing company in the country, we are very optimistic that our two coffee products can be enjoyed by coffee lovers from all walks of life,” he explained.

Not one that many visitors came to the exhibition booth INDIBRO coffee and Harmony who just want to feel the sensation of having the PT Admiral Paragon Jaya.

For the current sales Jaya PT Admiral Paragon will begin to market its products through online. In addition, these products are already used by some of the coffee shop is not only in the city of Bogor processing but almost throughout the city on the island of Java. (Tls)